Skills employers seek in job candidates | | The Marion Star

Below is a link to an article about the world of work that makes some points of particular importance to how you spend your time in academia. As you read it, pay specific attention to what he says about your GPA, your college major and “hard” and “soft” skills.

Most people with the same level of education and experience in their field of study should have roughly the same level of hard skills. This is why the employer uses the grade point average (GPA), test scores, examination results, college major, etc. to determine the level of proficiency a candidate possesses regarding the hard skills necessary to perform the job successfully.

Ultimately, you’ll find that no degree guarantees a career in any field, but that it is a combination of all your skills, record of academic achievement and history of experience in the world of work that allows you to knock on any door and anticipate how far you might expect the hiring company or institution to open it for you.

The typical soft skills sought by employers include communication skills which consist of writing, speaking and effective listening. Thinking skills is another soft skill that includes the ability to critically analyze as well as possess a creative ability to bring “newness” to the work assignment.

Whether you’re in your first year or your fourth, it’s not too late to dedicate to academic excellence. Nor is it too late to think about internships or summer jobs in the field you’re considering. And it’s ALWAYS a good time to make sure you’re honing your critical thinking skills

No matter how far along you are on your academic journey when you read this post or the article below, it’s not too late to start making plans for the road to come with all this information in mind.

Skills employers seek in job candidates | | The Marion Star

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