Calling All Wanderers

The Search – How to Rebound From a Wrong Career Choice –

I came across this NYTimes article and had to share it. I found myself uncontrollably nodding as I read each passing sentence. I could have written this article given that every observation voiced about college major and career choice are so similar to those I’ve made for countless students.

Students, as you read this, know that my office goes to the same lengths as the career coaching companies quoted in the article to assure you’ve identified your interests, abilities and goals. If you’re freaked out about being undeclared, STOP IT this instant and come see us! We’re here, like sherpas, waiting to guide you on your road to discovering your major.

Colleagues, bookmark that article and show it to the next ‘helicopter parent’ you see who insists, regardless of how horrible their student/child is at math and science, that they have given birth to a doctor or engineer.


About Art

I've been a higher education professional for over 15 years and an Academic Advising administrator for the past eight of those. I have a background in exploratory student advising and have spent a great deal of time guiding students through contemplating their personal college-to-career pathways. I've published, presented, and consulted on the intersection of social media and academia and am a firm believer in social media's power as a tool for engagement rather than solely information delivery. I've worked at public and private institutions as well as 2-year colleges and 4-year universities. I believe in Academic Advising as a teaching and learning activity, that learner-centered education is the key to students' academic success, and that as long as we keep students' individual goals and success at the center of our decision-making process, the problem of college-level student attrition can be solved.
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