A Case In Point of a Little Knowledge Being a Dangerous Thing

Battles Around Nation Over Proposed Mosques – NYTimes.com.

To sort of “spit ball” a bit on the topic I posted yesterday about Bill Gates’ call for the world to self-educate via the internet, what sort of deep research do you think the sign-holder in this article did before rushing out to protest a Mosque in Temecula? Their “reasoning” probably flowed a little like this: “Islamist terrorist blow things and people up; Islamist Terrorist frequently go to mosques; therefore Islam must preach Terrorism. ‘Boo’ to mosques.”

Now, even a lengthy perusal of internet stories about terrorism would likely support two of the points in their theory and the lazy self-educator would be able to come to the faulty conclusion which lead to the creation of the “Monuments to Terrorism” placard being brandished. Only through a critical thought-based research process would one be encouraged to research a bit about Islam in order to come to a truly accurate conclusion about Mosques and the position the religion takes on terrorism. Does this mean that all self educators would be lazy and jump to conclusions before fully researching a topic? No, of course not. However, how many examples do we need to be shown that many do?

So, Mr. Gates, please rethink your position and use the bully pulpit your celebrity and success afford you to encourage University Education rather than decry it as a waste of time and money.


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