What Can I Do With A Major In…?

News: Liberal Arts, Post-Recession – Inside Higher Ed.

This article made me want to hire a sky writer to broadcast the message, “READ DANIEL PINK!” In his book, A Whole New Mind, he makes several observations about how the “World of Work” is changing. However, this shift is not to a reality that values training in business over the 21st-century skills obtained in liberal arts studies.

I won’t attempt to deliver Pink’s thesis here. But suffice it to say that, until computers can deliver empathy, synthesis, persuasive story-telling, and meaning faster and cheaper than sentient beings can, the university in this article is making wrong-headed assumptions about the best way to prepare American college students for success in the post-recession, world economy.


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I'm the Director of Academic Advising at Quincy College. I'm hoping this can be a place to express the occasional thought that may mean something to someone. . .we'll see. I'm also a musician--I play the string bass in primarily the jazz and classical idioms (though I love many kinds of music and have played everything from folk and bluegrass to new wave and hard rock). And, as an Italian-American, I love good food and good wine. . .basically,don't be surprised by posts on any of the topics mentioned above ;)
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