Where *Do* We Go From Here?

News: So, Students Don’t Learn — Now What? – Inside Higher Ed.

As a professional academic advisor–my only job being to care about the things the quote below indicates no one cares about–I’m a little offended.

So now, Coleman asked, what next? In general, students aren’t studying enough; faculty members aren’t demanding enough of students; administrators aren’t paying attention to student learning outcomes; and the federal government isn’t awarding grant money to figure out why students aren’t learning, even as it calls for more completion

On the other hand, I know I haven’t seen a lot of government money being thrown at the work I do. And though I don;t hear it as much any more, I run out of fingers when trying to tally the number of professors I heard complain through my undergrad that they had no time to research or perform (I was a music major) because the department actually expected them to teach classes. Where does the “publish or perish” reality factor in to this equation?


About Art

I've been a higher education professional for over 15 years and an Academic Advising administrator for the past eight of those. I have a background in exploratory student advising and have spent a great deal of time guiding students through contemplating their personal college-to-career pathways. I've published, presented, and consulted on the intersection of social media and academia and am a firm believer in social media's power as a tool for engagement rather than solely information delivery. I've worked at public and private institutions as well as 2-year colleges and 4-year universities. I believe in Academic Advising as a teaching and learning activity, that learner-centered education is the key to students' academic success, and that as long as we keep students' individual goals and success at the center of our decision-making process, the problem of college-level student attrition can be solved.
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