To: NACADA Region 1, So Long and Thanks for the Whuffie!

As I  linger over my morning coffee (freshly brewed green Mountain Organic–thanks to the gift bag;), I’m fondly recollecting some of the best NACADA memories I’ve ever compiled. Here are a few, listed in no particular order:

Representing the Region 1 interlopers table at the first time attendees lunch

My new friends from the Pre-conference workshops: Paulette, Anita, Kat, Ellen, Kerianna, Matt, Vince, Steven, Susan, and Tracy.

paybacks, Rodney...there are consequences to our actions 😉

Rodney Mondor, at once encouraging the use of social media and mocking those of us who think we could drag him into our twisted little world (and I mean mocking in a good way 😉

The twitter-sphere’s reaction to my speech–including Charlie Nutt joining in the impromptu “live chat” that erupted

Josh Gaynor’s reactions to my dinner-time commentaries delivered via twitter hash tags (I think he laughed the hardest at #paradeofmeat and #reallyeffingood)

Having earned “mayor” of the conference on Foursquare with the location that Josh Created for us

Thanks to Kerianne Silver for the pic

Having earned Ice Road Trucker Status on the drive up

The poem Susan Kolls composed using my Facebook status updates (below)

Curse’d Technology

It was like a voltron of crazy, Really, Philadelphia?

That rotation is stupid! I meant “stupid”

In a good way. Hoping that stress will

Have some lasting side effects –

Could stand to lose a few pounds and think

That gray hair is distinguishing. I’d like to apologize

to the reasonable sensibilities of my vegetarian

And vegan friends for enjoying the steak I just had

As much as I did.

Sent sis on her way with a little chocolate for her road trip

Keot all the cheesecake. Man I could eat hollandaise

With a spoon, as if it was soup. Just heard

There is such a thing as Bacon-washed Bourbon-

Gotta go to Tennessee for Christmas, apparently–

Art Esposito is seeking clarity.

Art Esposito is about to get his game on.

Ultimately, my best memory will be of the conference in general. I was profoundly honored by being asked to deliver one of the keynote addresses; I was overwhelmed by how unspeakably kind the conference committee and volunteers were; and I’m ecstatic to have made so many new and dear NACADA friends.

So thanks for the exchange of Whuffie, #nacadaR1!


About Art

I'm the Director of Academic Advising at Quincy College. I'm hoping this can be a place to express the occasional thought that may mean something to someone. . .we'll see. I'm also a musician--I play the string bass in primarily the jazz and classical idioms (though I love many kinds of music and have played everything from folk and bluegrass to new wave and hard rock). And, as an Italian-American, I love good food and good wine. . .basically,don't be surprised by posts on any of the topics mentioned above ;)
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