‘): (that’s a bass clef, not a frowny face)

So, in a conversation with other members of the bass section of the Richmond Philharmonic about what to call ourselves, I suggested “The Bottom Dwellers.” One of my colleagues then hit me with this quote, and I had to share it with the world:

‘I recognize in the deepest tones of harmony, in the ground-bass, the lowest grades of the will’s objectification, inorganic nature, the mass of the planet. For us the ground bass is in harmony what inorganic nature, the crudest mass on which everything rests and from which everything originates and develops, is in the world….”   – Schopenhauer

There are so many levels on which that is just unspeakably bitchin, that I just can’t begin to conceptualize a response.  it’s just so 19-th Century…

I. Love. It.



About Art

I'm the Director of Academic Advising at Quincy College. I'm hoping this can be a place to express the occasional thought that may mean something to someone. . .we'll see. I'm also a musician--I play the string bass in primarily the jazz and classical idioms (though I love many kinds of music and have played everything from folk and bluegrass to new wave and hard rock). And, as an Italian-American, I love good food and good wine. . .basically,don't be surprised by posts on any of the topics mentioned above ;)
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