Funk Song Friday: Less Snow = Good Times

The folks in CAST, encouraging us to leave our cares behind.

I don’t know about good times, but this is definitely a good bass line



So, I’ll admit that I’ve long been baffled by the lyrics to this tune (especially the bit about clams on the half shell and roller skates), but the general idea (I think) is to encourage folks to stress down, change their attitudes, focus on positive possibilities. Well, at what appears to be the end of the worst of Snowmageddon 2014, perhaps it is time for us to re-group and focus on what we can do with the rest of our semester (and just groove out to this BadA$$ bass line ;)!

So we lost some instructional time to snow days–that should just mean there was more time to study and stay abreast of the topics in your courses. If this wasn’t the net effect of your “snow time,” check out our recent blog post about campus resources to help when you’re feeling a little less strong academically.

So we…

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I'm the Director of Academic Advising at Quincy College. I'm hoping this can be a place to express the occasional thought that may mean something to someone. . .we'll see. I'm also a musician--I play the string bass in primarily the jazz and classical idioms (though I love many kinds of music and have played everything from folk and bluegrass to new wave and hard rock). And, as an Italian-American, I love good food and good wine. . .basically,don't be surprised by posts on any of the topics mentioned above ;)
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