Well It’s Both Obviously — #NotSpelledWithAnE

So, the author of this piece hangs Charlie Nutt (NACADA’s Executive Director) out to dry by publishing one sentence of his comments and offering that statement totally disassociated from the context in which it was used. The answer to this question is that BOTH Professional Advisors and Faculty should be involved guiding students to academic success, helping them develop within their chosen fields of study, and modeling their transition into the academic community. Why this yahoo decided to try to pit Professional Academic Advisors against Faculty Advisors is a huge mystery. But given the fact that he also misspelled advisor points out how little he understands about the topic in the first place.

Charlie responds very well in the comments section of this related blog post:



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I'm the Director of Academic Advising at Quincy College. I'm hoping this can be a place to express the occasional thought that may mean something to someone. . .we'll see. I'm also a musician--I play the string bass in primarily the jazz and classical idioms (though I love many kinds of music and have played everything from folk and bluegrass to new wave and hard rock). And, as an Italian-American, I love good food and good wine. . .basically,don't be surprised by posts on any of the topics mentioned above ;)
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