Positive Digital Résumé 1, “Vodka Samm” 0

SVodkaSammo at my College’s Board of Governors meeting last night, I was invited to introduce myself and talk a little about my background, the direction I planned on taking the Office of AcAdv, etc. And during the seven minutes I spent talking about myself and my philosophy, one of the more tech-savvy governors googled me and was checking out the series of posts articles that represent my “digital résumé”. Later in the evening’s agenda, the topic of my travel for an upcoming conference was brought before the board for approval (any travel over $1000 is subject to this process). Apparently, in person and digitally in the case of at least one of the governors , I represented myself well as my travel request was unanimously approved. The tech savvy governor also pulled me aside just before I left and said, “I took the liberty of googling you while you spoke–very impressive–I’m sure glad we hired you.”

Now, it isn’t as though my travel request was outlandish (flying coach, cheapest hotel, didn’t pad the per diem), and it was only one of the eleven, but never had I been happier about my digital résumé than I was last night!


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On Landmarks and Lighting Out for New Territory

I’ve been quiet for a while, so quiet on this blog that I missed this happen, as WP informed me 86 days ago:








I had a few other things going on 😉

2014-06-23 09.35.242014-07-15 06.43.432014-07-04 20.10.50









So now, as I contemplate what I want the social media presence to be for my new office, word press has spurred some reflection on what my social media presence has been in general… and, funnily enough, has made me feel a little hesitant to jump in with both feet–for what seems like the first time in my advising career, to hesitate before lighting out for the new, unexplored territory of engaging a student population that, as of yet, I know only a little about. (Don’t judge my preposition: http://public.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/churchill.html)Joined FB

I’ve been situating my advising praxis in social media environments for far longer than 5 years, but it was only five years ago that I found a way to use a blog in a way that I thought truly engaged students and benefited my advisees’ development. I guess that’s why I put on the brakes a few days ago in planning on creating the social communications plan for the Advising Office I now direct. I wondered if my students would actually benefit from my grand scheme of communicating with them in as many Web environments as exist. What if they aren’t simply there? Will my efforts be the proverbial “tree in the forest?”

I don’t know that there has been much of a point to this post beyond getting the chance to share a few wedding/honeymoon pics. Maybe also to say, “wow, I’ve been doing this for five years now? It’s time for a new direction!” Suggestions, anyone?


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Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike. What day is it, Mike?

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Well It’s Both Obviously — #NotSpelledWithAnE

So, the author of this piece hangs Charlie Nutt (NACADA’s Executive Director) out to dry by publishing one sentence of his comments and offering that statement totally disassociated from the context in which it was used. The answer to this question is that BOTH Professional Advisors and Faculty should be involved guiding students to academic success, helping them develop within their chosen fields of study, and modeling their transition into the academic community. Why this yahoo decided to try to pit Professional Academic Advisors against Faculty Advisors is a huge mystery. But given the fact that he also misspelled advisor points out how little he understands about the topic in the first place.

Charlie responds very well in the comments section of this related blog post:


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Funk Song Friday: Less Snow = Good Times

The folks in CAST, encouraging us to leave our cares behind.

I don’t know about good times, but this is definitely a good bass line



So, I’ll admit that I’ve long been baffled by the lyrics to this tune (especially the bit about clams on the half shell and roller skates), but the general idea (I think) is to encourage folks to stress down, change their attitudes, focus on positive possibilities. Well, at what appears to be the end of the worst of Snowmageddon 2014, perhaps it is time for us to re-group and focus on what we can do with the rest of our semester (and just groove out to this BadA$$ bass line ;)!

So we lost some instructional time to snow days–that should just mean there was more time to study and stay abreast of the topics in your courses. If this wasn’t the net effect of your “snow time,” check out our recent blog post about campus resources to help when you’re feeling a little less strong academically.

So we…

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Funk Song Friday: Because it’s Really Stinkin’ Cold

The folks in CAST are at it again

Funk Song Friday: Because it’s Really Stinkin’ Cold.

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Funk Song Friday: What Would You Do, Part Deux.

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