About Art

I Am AcaAdv

I’ve been a college-level educator for over 15 years and have experience as a lecturer, academic advisor, and advising administrator. I maintain this blog as a means of sharing observations about discoveries I make mostly having to do with academic advising. Frequently, however, topics having to do with other aspects of my life make their way into this blog. That’s likely to continue, as I am a firm believer in not letting one’s occupation get in the way of one’s life (I’ve a beautiful wife and two beautiful step-daughters, a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance and a Master’s in Historical Musicology–all topics about which I love to write 😉 )

It is my hope to engage all who frequent this blog in lively conversations about advising primarily, but larger issues like the intersection of social media and academia, and higher education in general are not “off limits.”



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